Milton Keynes-based mental health podcast returns this season's guests include a BBC Radio 2 presenter

A radio two presenter and sitcom actor are among this season's lineup.

Friday, 28th May 2021, 10:15 am
Updated Friday, 28th May 2021, 10:16 am

Luke Clark from Bletchley is releasing another season of his mental wellbeing podcast, The Stress Sessions, with more high profile guests.

The third season will begin on Monday (May 31), with comedian Matt Richardson sitting in the guest's chair.

Clark launched the podcast during the pandemic, a time when he knew people's stress and anxiety could be heightened by the unprecedented challenges caused by the coronavirus.

Luke Clark

Confirmed for this season of the podcast are: DJ Pat Sharp, ‘This Country’ actor Paul Cooper (father of Daisy May Cooper) and former Hear’Say singer, Suzanne Shaw.

Luke will be talking to these successful entertainment industry performers about their own mental wellbeing and the challenges they've overcome.

As someone who has suffered with anxiety and depression himself for a number of years, Luke wants to breakdown the stigmas surrounding mental health.

By raising the importance of speaking and seeking help, coping mechanisms, and how in the current climate, our wellbeing is more important than ever. Luke also recognises that talking about mental health, can prove even more difficult among men. The knock on effect of this is that mental health-related suicides is three times higher in men than women.

Pat Sharp

Luke said: “After being afraid to speak about my mental health until last year, I feel like I’ve told my story now – I’ve essentially laid myself bare to my friends, family and complete strangers – to help people try and open up about their own mental struggles.

“Series three of The Stress Sessions was really interesting to record because, in some cases, this was the first time that some of my guests had disclosed their mental ill health. Being able to have an open, honest chat with people that I’ve looked up to for years, and who work every day in the public spotlight – like Ross King MBE – who’s on national television every day, has been an absolute honour.”

Luke hopes by having these conversations with high profile figures it will encourage people suffering in silence to find help and talk to someone. Stress Sessions is available on all podcast platforms and can be found by searching 'stress sessions'. The podcast can be followed on Instagram @stresssessions.

A staggering one in four people will experience a mental health problem of some sort every year in England, with one in six people experiencing a common mental health problem - like anxiety and depression - in any given week.