Milton Keynes boy, 9, who tried to kill himself after being bullied is offered free self defence classes by martial arts teacher

Boy's grateful mum has thanked people for their support

Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 5:04 pm

Our story about a tragic nine-year-old boy who tried to take his own life after being bullied at a Milton Keynes school has touched the heart of MK Citizen readers.

Dozens of people have written messages of support and sympathy to the boy and his family - and one reader has offered some very practical help.

Tracey Phelps (pictured) is head coach of Another Level Muay Thai martial arts club. Based at Leon Leisure Centre, it teaches self defence, kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Martial arts teacher Tracey Phelps has made a kind offer to the young boy Photo:

"I'd like to offer this young boy 12 months free lessons in martial arts/self defence training and will cover the price for all equipment needed in order to rebuild his confidence, and refocus his energy. This will be completely free of charge," she said.

The lad's mum, who had contacted the Citizen in desperation after claiming the school refused to tackle the bullies, said today: "Wow I am so very grateful to Tracy for reaching out and offering such an amazing package. This was not expected but whole heartedly welcomed. Thank you so very much."

She has also thanked Citizen readers for their messages of support. "We really appreciate being heard. We've had a very difficult few weeks," she said.

The mum had described how fellow pupils at her son's school had repeatedly bullied him over the past few months, punching him, shoving him to the ground and calling him 'midget' because he was smaller than them.

Bullying: a generic photo from Getty Images

He was even bullied for looking too smart in his school uniform - because he'd polished his shoes before going to school.

The torment came to a head when the boy tried to take his own life, but was luckily saved in time. He has now been taken out of school and is being educated at home.

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