Milton Keynes girl miraculously survives being hit by car at 50mph - but injuries will be life-changing, say doctors

A fundraising appeal has been launched to help her

Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 12:46 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 1:44 pm

A 17-year-old girl who miraculously survived being hit by a car at 50mph has been left with life-changing injuries.

Katelyn Dye was crossing a grid road on Friday (November 19th) near Tinker Bridge - just a short distance away from an underpass.

The accident happened close to the spot where her family friend, 12-year-old Neesha-Leigh Dundon was killed in 2014. She had also chosen to cross the grid road instead of using the underpass.

Katelyn Dye

Katelyn's family and friends believe she also chose to shun the underpass because it is badly lit and a hang out for youths drinking and taking drugs.

The 17-year-old was on her way to see her boyfriend after successfully completing her first induction session for a new job at the Olive Tree restaurant.

She was rushed to Oxford' s John Radcliffe hospital and put on a life support machine. Doctors warned her injuries were "critical" as previously reported by the MK Citizen.

Her mum Kimberly Mould said: "She took the full impact on her head, so there was a major brain injury. At first we didn't know whether she'd survive. It was all so terrible.

Katelyn Dye

"She was hit by a car doing between 50pmph and 60mph. Police say the driver was not to blame at all and was within the legal speed limit for that road. Katelyn made a wrong decision to cross it."

But yesterday (Tuesday) Katelyn was taken off the life support machine and, though very confused, is able to talk to her family.

"She is in terrible pain but she is doing amazingly," said Kimberly.

"The doctors are trying to get on top of her pain relief but she has a fractured neck, dislocated hip and possible spinal injuries.

Campaigners want the speed limit reduced to 40mph on this stretch of grid road

"They've told us the injuries, together with the brain damage, will definitely be life-changing. She may need a wheelchair and we do not know how serious the cognitive damage will be. Only time will tell, but as a family we will cope and make sure she has the best life possible. We are just thankful she is alive."

Kimberly already has three disabled children. They all have autism of varying degrees and all go to special schools.

Her mum Sharon has set up a fundraising page to help the family cover the costs of accommodation while Katelyn in in Oxford. Any extra will go towards buying specialist equipment needed for when she returns to the family's Downs Barn home.

"We want her to have everything she needs. We'd be really grateful for any help that people can give."" said Kimberly, who has already had to spend £1,400 on accommodation, travel and food while Katelyn has been in hospital.

The underpass Katelyn avoided

"She has thanked everyone who has already given donations and messages of support."

You can view the fundraising page here.

Ironically, Kimberly had spoken with Katelyn many times about the dangers of crossing the road at the spot where the accident happened.

"The mum of the poor girl who was killed nearby is a friend of mine. Katelyn comes with me to visit her grave and every time we go near that stretch of road we talk about what happened to Neesha. She just made a silly decision- but it was probably based on fear of using the underpass."

Kimberly is now determined to campaign for safety improvements to the underpass and also for the speed limit on that part of the V8 Marlborough Street to be reduced to 40mph.

A petition for this has already been launched by a witness to Katelyn's accident. You can read the Citizen story about this here.

Meanwhile Katelyn's family is continuing to keep vigil at her bedside.

"What lies next for her we don’t know, but please everyone keep her in your prayers," said her mum.