Milton Keynes in top 30 funniest places in UK, according to research

Milton Keynes has come in the top 30 funniest cities in the UK, according to research carried out by Thomas Sanderson.
Milton Keynes was named the 26th funniest locationMilton Keynes was named the 26th funniest location
Milton Keynes was named the 26th funniest location

The town was officially ranked at number 26 out of 46 locations, with London finishing in first place.

The bespoke window furnishing company's research was based on the number of comedians, comedy clubs and gigs in each location, with the aim to find the place with the best sense of humour.

Richard Petrie, marketing director at Thomas Sanderson, said: “Comedy has been a great release for many in 2020, with laughter keeping us going in these unprecedented times.

"We wanted to find out which was the funniest city in the UK – while it’s perhaps not a surprise to see London at the top, it was interesting to see certain locations punch above their weight, such as Brighton, Doncaster and Falkirk.”

London was followed by Manchester in second place and Glasgow and Edinburgh in joint third.

The rest of the top 10 in chronological order included: Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Brighton.

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