Milton Keynes MP slammed for claiming almost £2,800 a month expenses for second family home in London

City MP Ben Everitt has answered criticism about the taxpayers' money he spends on renting a second home in London.

By Sally Murrer
Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 3:02 pm

Mr Everitt is currently the seventh highest claimant of second home costs out of 650 MPs in the UK.

But the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) has examined his claim and says it is not breaching any rules about MP expenses.

The rent for the London property has totalled £22,400 so far over the past financial year. Council tax and bills bring the total to £24,799.73.

Ben Everitt MP

Some MPs use hotels instead of renting a second home when they have to stay overnight in London, but father-of-three Mr Everitt needed somewhere large enough to accommodate his family when they visit him.

However, during the Covid pandemic, travel bans have prevented his wife and children from setting foot in the London home.

The three children all go to school in Milton Keynes where Mr Everitt has his family home.

One critic said: "It raises a question about whether Mr Everitt is acting appropriately by claiming so much money for a second home on the off-chance that he may want his children to occasionally stay there."

He said the Conservative MP should get a smaller place and claim less from taxpayers.

A member of the MPs MK North constituency last month complained to the IPSA about the second home claim.

The reply from an IPSA compliance office states: "He (Mr Everitt) has confirmed that his family have stayed in the London accommodation a number of times but not since the start of the pandemic... My assessment has concluded there has been no breach of The Scheme rules."

Mr Everitt himself told the Citizen this week: “The parliamentary regulator approved my accommodation and has subsequently replied to this constituent's inquiry reaffirming that everything is in order."