Milton Keynes residents top 40 most generous at Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time of year for family, for loving and generosity - and of course competition.

Wednesday, 18th December 2019, 12:15 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th December 2019, 12:17 pm

Now, we’re not just talking Scrabble or charades after lunch, we are talking on a bigger scale... Christmas cards.

A study conducted by online personalised card and gift retailer, Funky Pigeon, shows insight into how many Christmas cards are sent each year with those named James and Emma ranking as the most generous people in Milton Keynes.

Funky Pigeon have analysed data of more than 5 million customers and the new interactive tool reveals just how generous you and your family and friends are.

Christmas cards

Who takes the throne in your household? The findings uncover regional statistics for the United Kingdom so Funky Pigeon has ranked the most generous locations too.

Milton Keynes sent a total of 23,047 cards, equivalent to 42 cards per 1,000 people, ranking the town among the top 40 most generous places in the UK.

The top 5 male senders from Milton Keynes are:

* James

* David

* Paul

* Chris

* John

The top 5 female senders from Milton Keynes are:

* Emma

* Sarah

* Nicola

* Laura

* Claire

London is in the top spot for cards sent overall, though when looking at per 1,000 capita, data shows that UK’s capital is the least generous place in the UK at Christmas time.

UK top 5 locations in the UK for those sending the most cards: (cards sent per 1,000 people):

Walsall 111

Doncaster 92

Wigan 84

Barnsley 82

Stockport 81

Bottom 5 locations in the UK for those sending the least cards: (cards sent per 1,000 people)

St Albans 7

London 8

Hastings 15

Birkenhead 19

West Bromwich 20

Find out the most generous cities up and down the UK with the new interactive tool by Funky Pigeon here