Milton Keynes secondary school allows boys to wear shorts on hot days following Citizen's story

The school is adopting a designated 'Hot Day' uniform

By Sally Murrer
Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 1:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 1:42 pm

The MK Citizen's story about secondary schools banning boys from shorts on hot days has prompted good news for at least some sweltering students in MK.

Sympathetic Shenley Brook End schools head Chris Holmwood has sent a note to parents announcing a new 'designated hot day' uniform concession.

"We have decided that Tuesday and Wednesday should be designated 'Hot Days'. On designated hot days, all students are able to wear their full PE uniform," he said.

Shenley Brook End School

This consists of black PE shorts and a red polo top.

In a further bid to keep pupils cool and comfortable, the school also allows all its students to wear a white polo shirt instead of their shirt and tie during summer term.

The Citizen published the story yesterday (Monday) about a local mum questioning why boys were forced to wear long trousers to school during heatwaves.

Her son suffers from eczema and wearing long trousers can make the condition flare up during hot spells, she said.

We checked the uniform policy of all other secondary schools in MK and none stated shorts could be worn by male students.

On our Facebook page, dozens of parents agreed the rule was discriminatory because girls are allowed to wear skirts. They all said smart tailored shorts should be permitted for boys - and some even suggested the boys launch a protest and go to school in skirts.