Milton Keynes siblings record their own song about Boris Johnson - and tell him to comb his hair!

The youngsters formed their own successful band during lockdown

Wednesday, 8th September 2021, 12:52 pm
Updated Wednesday, 8th September 2021, 1:23 pm

Three young siblings have written a recorded a song to the prime minister - and it tells him to comb his hair.

Johnson, Kale and Indiana Harris-Herbert formed their own successful band called Stencil Pencils during the first lockdown as part of a homework project.

The first song, called Covid-19, proved a hit on social media and won a national talent contest.

The Stencil Pencils - Indiana, Johnson and Kale

The Wavendon youngsters, who are now aged 13, 11 and seven, went on to produce more singles and have performed at many local events.

Now they have recorded their latest masterpiece - a direct message to Boris Johnson called 'We're not Gullible'.

Kale, who has autism and finds it difficult to make friends, wrote to Mr Johnson in February asking the government to allow all schoolchildren to repeat their current school year so they can re-learn the subjects and take the exams and tests they missed during lockdown.

He even re-wrote the words to the famous Pink Floyd song Another Brick in the Wall as part of his campaign, which he calls No Walls21.

The siblings performing their latest single

The lyrics went: 'We don’t need a lost generation. We all need some thought control, with lots of learning in the classroom."

This week Kale and his siblings have finished recording the new song, which criticises the government for changing its messages during the Covid crisis.

The lyrics start with: 'Boris we’re not gullible...You say we won’t get into trouble. Boris thinks we’re gullible…Will you change your message again tonight?'

And the song concludes: 'Boris thinks we’re gullible...Will you put a comb through that hair tonight?'

Kale wrote to Boris Johnson earlier this year

The Stencil Pencils' songs can be downloaded on YouTube and Spotify. You can follow the band on Facebook here.