Milton Keynes to host evening with former high ranking mafia member dubbed 'The Real Goodfella'

Michael Franzese delivers a once-in-a lifetime, and at times chilling, no holds barred insight from within one of history’s most feared and violent Mafia families.

By Olga Norford
Monday, 23rd May 2022, 3:43 pm

An Evening with Michael Franzese - “The Real Goodfella”, a series of multi-city gala events in the UK, is coming to Milton Keynes this summer.

It’s headlined by Franzese, the former high-ranking member of the Mafia and now renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author, and star of several global documentaries.

Milton Keynes will host the coveted show at Jurys Inn in Midsummer Boulevard on July 16.

An Evening with Michael Franzese will uearth some of the untold truths of the Mafia

Once dubbed the Mafia Prince, audiences will have the exclusive chance to engage with the first high-ranking official member of a major crime family to have walked away without protective custody and survived to tell the tale. Michael Franzese will exclusively share a series of untold anecdotes before he opens the floor to questions from the audience in an enthralling question and answer session.

The event will include a VIP reception, three-course dinner, and VIP experiences ranging from meet and greets with Michael Franzese.

Michael will take the Milton Keynes audience on a journey, from life growing up as the son of one of the era’s most famous Mob Underbosses to some of the deepest and darkest never-before-told secrets of a former ‘Caporegime’ (Captain) of the revered Colombo crime family who ran New York.

As he prepares to open the door to his past Michael Franzese says: “I’m really excited to be landing in Milton Keynes and to share a unique experience with everyone as we unearth some of the untold truths of the Mafia.

“There are not many people who can say they’ve sat on both sides of the divide between the Mafia and the law and lived to tell the tale. It was like a rite of passage for me to become part of the criminal underworld, or as we called it, ‘the family business’. The truth is, I was good at it.

“But I’ve seen the destruction caused by ‘the life’; the pain, suffering, loss it leaves in its wake. I’ve seen families devastated, and wars on the streets. But now, I’m ready to share my story and give an insight into what that life really means – and why I simply had to get out.”

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