Milton Keynes women have the biggest FEET in the UK, new research shows

Women in Milton Keynes have biggest feet in the UK, a survey has shown.

Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 12:10 pm
MK women have the biggest feet in the UK

Some 15 per cent of MK adult females are a size eight or above, according to shoe retailer Shoezone.

They analysed data from hundreds of stores all over the UK to come up with their big foot findings.

The smallest feet were found in Ireland, where 9.6 per cent of women are a size three. This compares to the women's national average size of six.

Bizarrely men in Oxford had the smallest feet, with 10 per cent fitting in a size six.

English women have the biggest feet throughout the UK and Ireland, but Milton Keynes women topped the charts for every UK and Irish city.

Scottish men were found to have the biggest feet, with almost 16 per cent of sales being a size 11 or over.

Naomi Shefford, Head of Digital at Shoe Zone, said: “Here at Shoe Zone we were curious to see where in the UK we were selling the most of our biggest and smallest sizes.

“We’ve looked at our store sales data, looking at the sales of our biggest and smallest sizes, to find out where in the UK the biggest and smallest feet actually are.

“At Shoe Zone we understand the importance of making sure you get the correct shoe size when you buy a new pair of shoes, it’s highly important for a variety of health reasons, but as a nation is this something we frequently check?”