Milton Keynes' Woodhill jail makes front page of new 'Her Majesty's Prisons of England Calendar 2022'

It also features on the January prison of the month

By Sally Murrer
Monday, 6th September 2021, 2:45 pm
Updated Monday, 6th September 2021, 2:46 pm

A bizarre 'prisons of England' calendar features MK's Woodhill jail on the front page.

The 'splendid slammer' calendar was the brainchild of pensioner Kevin Beresford, who also produces the annual 'roundabouts of Britain' calendar.

He said he was intrigued by prisons due to their structures and by the notorious history that is written within their walls.

Woodhill prison made the front page

Kevin put together the calendar for 2022 using the snaps he has taken over the past 10 years.

But he refuses to include Bank Holidays as he says he doesn't want to upset inmates.

The prison calendar costs £10 and is available here as well as through Amazon, eBay or Etsy,

Woodhill prison is also on the January page