MK Stadium apologises for delays that meant hundreds of fans missed part of last night's visit of Tottenham

Fans were still queueing to get in half an hour after match started

Thursday, 29th July 2021, 2:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th July 2021, 5:02 pm

Visiting fans have slammed the organisation of last night's Tottenham V MK Dons game as a "shambles" atthe city's stadium.

And this afternoon MK Dons and stadium bosses have issued a public apology, saying an immediate investigation has been launched into the problems.

The game, which Tottenham won 3-1 saw 20,000 fans descend on the MK Stadium and, predictably, the first problems arose with parking.

Fans were still queueing to get in after the match had started

"People were driving round for an hour or more but there was nowhere. They were going further and further out until they were parking all over the nearby industrial estates," said one witness.

But the biggest problems began at the entry gates into the stadium.

"We were all being herded through gate 5. The others seemed to be shut. It was crazy and it just took forever," said one fan.

"The match kicked off at 7.45pm but at 8.15pm I was still outside the gate, queueing with loads of other people to get in. I estimate around 2,000 of us were late getting in to see the match."

It was, nevertheless, a beautiful evening, with a double rainbow gracing the grounds

Another visitor said: "The queue was the entire length of the stadium and back again, and not really moving. Twenty minutes into the game they then decided to open other gates to let people in.

More chaos erupted when fans finally did get in and tried to check where their seats were.

"The stewards seemed to have given up and were just waving us in. It's a ticketless system so our seat numbers were on our phones. But when we tried to check them, we found there was no wifi in the Stadium at all.

"In the end, people were just sitting anywhere, It was a total shambles."

Fans say it was lucky fights did not break out as tempers became frayed. But, in fact, the crowd was very well behaved.

Meanwhile MK Dons have posted an apology on their social media pages and told the Citizen they have nothing further to say until the investigation is complete.

The statement reads: "The Club, once again, apologises for the delays that some supporters experienced gaining entry to Stadium MK on Wednesday night.

"An investigation was immediately launched into the reasons for these issues and that investigation is still ongoing. We will issue further information as soon as we have answers."