Mum new to Milton Keynes full of praise for 'polite and well behaved' kids in park

'If my young son turns out anything like these boys, I will be proud' she says

By Sally Murrer
Monday, 18th October 2021, 2:00 pm

A single mum took to social media on her estate's community page to praise how lovely the local children were when playing in the park.

And her heartwarming post in the Newton Leys Community Facebook group yesterday has provoked a big response from other parents who were delighted to hear her positive words.

The mum said: "I am new to the area and today I’ve just ventured to the new 'unopened' park... I have been scared to go being a single parent and not knowing how I’d cope or how other kids would be after seeing some bad comments."

The boys were lovely, said the mum. Photo: Shutterstock

She said she and her toddler son met and met three other boys where were all in Year 4 - aged eight or nine.

"I am not going to write their names but I have a 16 month old son and if my son turns out anything like these boys I will be proud!," she said.

"They were so kind to my boy, letting him play with their football whilst they were half way through a game and were honestly so lovely and well spoken.

It’s lovely to hear kids not f**ing and blinding. So if your sons have been to that park at about 5:30 today and support Spurs, Man U or Arsenal you should be so proud of your boys."

Dozens of residents loved the post, with many writing comment of support.

One reader sent the post to the Citizen, saying: "We hear so many bad things about kids these days and so many moans about behaviour in parks. It's so lovely and refreshing to hear a parent take the trouble to write about all the good things that children do."

Another reader had a special message for the single mum: "I'm sure your son will be well behaved, so no need to worry. Your kind comments are already showing me how you are a brilliant mum and your son is so lucky!"