Mum of distraught three-year-old makes urgent plea over teddy bear

Lost teddy has caused tears for little George-Junior

Monday, 17th May 2021, 12:09 pm
Updated Monday, 17th May 2021, 12:10 pm

The mum of a little boy unable to sleep without his favourite teddy has put out a desperate appeal for help from MK Citizen readers.

Rachel Marlborough said her son George-Junior has refused to been apart from the teddy, known as Mr Bear, since he was a baby.

But during a recent house move in MK, Mr Bear went mysteriously astray. And, despite numerous searches, he has never been found.

George-Junior can't sleep without Mr Bear

Now, with a tearful George constantly asking for the teddy, Rachel is frantically trying to find a replacement. But online searches have revealed remotely similar.

"It was originally brought for my daughter Seraphim a few years ago, and she then gifted him to George-Junior when he was a baby," she said.

"I'm not sure of the make and can't image it was expensive. It may have been brought on holiday in the UK or on a day trip somewhere or even possibly in a charity shop. I just can't remember."

Rachel said George-Junior has always slept with the teddy and taken him wherever he went.

Do you recognise Mr Bear?

"I feel awful that I can not find it specially since he tells me all the time he misses Mr Bear and asks me where he is. I was sure it had been packed in a box but since moving I've unpacked everything and he is been nowhere to be found.

"I would be extremely grateful if anyone knows where these are still made so I can buy another one.. Maybe with the help from the public we can find a replacement."

Fingers crossed we can - find the manufacturer and be able to replace it or maybe someone has the same teddy that they looking to sell... I will be greatly thankful for any assistance."

Anybody who can help can email [email protected]

George-Junior as a baby with the teddy