Mum of three aged 25 tragically dies of Covid in Milton Keynes

Her family are urging young people to get vaccinated

Monday, 2nd August 2021, 3:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 3:38 pm

The tragic death of a doting mum-of-three has sparked a warning for young people in MK not to delay getting vaccinated against Covid.

Gentle and caring Danni Coombs was slightly nervous about getting her jabs and so busy with her children that she never got round to doing it.

But last month, days before her 26th birthday, she passed away suddenly at Milton Keynes hospital after catching the virus.

Gentle and caring Danni Coombs was slightly nervous about getting her jabs and so busy with her children that she never got round to doing it.

"It was such a shock," said her aunt Kelly Coombs. "Even when she became so unwell that she went to hospital, everyone still thought she was young enough and strong enough to pull through."

Danni first became ill with extreme sickness, which is sometimes a symptom of the Delta Covid variant. But then her oxygen levels started dropping and she was admitted to hospital and put on ventilator.

"They said it was to give her body a rest for a while. Nobody, not even the doctors, thought the worst would happen," said Kelly.

But the young mum then contracted sepsis and on the morning of July 15 the family suddenly got a call that she was not expected to pull through.

Danni Coombs was just 25 when she passed away from Covid

She died hours later, with her fiancé and her mum at her bedside. She leaves three children, a son aged two who has just been diagnosed with autism and ADHD, and two little girls aged four and seven.

Danni, who lived on Pennyland, had a known medical condition that sometimes affected her daily life and it is believed this caused the Covid to affect her more badly.

"We're angry that she wasn't put on the vulnerable list because of her immune problem and called up to get her vaccinations sooner," said Kelly.

"If she'd had an official call she would have gone to get the jab a long time ago. But she didn't and, like many people, she kept putting it off because she was busy with other things. She was also slightly nervous about it, but her mum and her partner had even arranged to take her there. Before they had a chance, she caught Covid and it was too late.

Danni was a wonderful mum to her three children

"It could be there are other unvaccinated young people out there with known or unknown medical conditions too."

The family hope that Danni's story will do some good and possibly save the lives of other young people in MK.

"The message Danni would want is to get across, loud and clear, is that people should not delay getting their Covid vaccinations like she did," said Kelly.

"If Danni had been vaccinated, she probably may have still caught Covid. But she would not have got it so badly that it cost her life. We're hoping her sad story will help save other lives."

The family describe Danni a caring, gentle and softly-spoken person who was an "absolutely fantastic" mum to her children and never had a bad word to say about anyone,

Her fiancé, who is an electrician, is giving up work to care for the children and a fundraising page has been set up to help provide for the family. You can view the page here.

Kelly said: "Danni and her partner always put their children first and despite not having much money, they always provided well for them and gave them a good life. Living in a two bedroom property, they gave up their bedroom to the children and slept in the living area.

"I do not know of a more deserving family and I desperately want to give them a fighting chance to be able to deal with all the difficulties ahead."

"Please donate whatever you can for this devastated family to give them some comfort in the knowledge they’ll have some financial security. And maybe eventually a break away for them."

Anybody aged 18 and over can walk in to the Saxon Court vaccination centre, without an appointment, and get their Covid jab. Or they can book an appointment through the NHS website here.