Mums' fury after POLICE were called when kids chalked hopscotch game on Milton Keynes pavement

Complaints were also made to council's housing department

Tuesday, 7th September 2021, 10:54 am

Youngsters who chalked harmless games on the pavement have been the subject of a call to Milton Keynes police.

Police took no action about the complaint but the childrens' shocked parent has asked on social media if she was wrong to allow this age-old activity.

She posted a question on the 'Mum to Mum - Milton Keynes and beyond' Facebook page saying: "How do you feel about children chalking on the pavement? Nothing offensive...Hopscotch, tracks for scooters, drawing around themselves, and it completely washed away a few days later."

Most people consider chalking on pavements to be harmless fun for children. Photo: Getty Images.

The mum added: "Had complaints made about it to housing and police. I thought kids playing outside was better than sat in, in front of screens."

It is understand the housing department also turned a blind eye to the complaint.

Now dozens of other parents have defended the mum and said they were horrified anyone had called police over such a "trivial" matter.

They agreed unanimously that it was perfectly okay for children to draw on pavements with chalk because it washes away as soon as it rains.

"What kind of miserable person complains about kids drawing with chalk. I love seeing kids out playing like this. Please allow them to carry on," said one mum.

"I love seeing it. It's a really basic but fantastic way for children to express themselves, and it washes away easily," said another.

Many said seeing children's chalk drawings brightened their day, particularly during lockdown when they were often used to thank the NHS workers.

Others confessed they couldn't resist having a quick go when they saw a game of hopscotch chalked out in a public place.

"It's not graffiti, it goes away after a short while, its creative and it makes children and adults happy. What's not to like?... Are we really wasting police time on a bit of chalk?" they said.

One mum summed up the debate, saying: "Whoever complained about a chalk hopscotch to the police should be fined for wasting police time!! Let children be children, it’ll soon wash away."

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