Music-loving dad from Milton Keynes produces garage music EP for his idol DJ EZ to play

A garage music fan has fulfilled his dream of producing tracks fit to be played by DJ Ez.

Jon Boyle set himself the target when he left university of having one of his songs played by the legendary UK garage DJ.

He is now hoping his debut four-track EP called Pretty Girl will it the right note with EZ after finally finding the time to finish it during the pandemic.

“I’ve been making garage music since I was a teenager but only since the pandemic have I started making songs that I would be happy to play out myself as a DJ, so this debut EP has been a long, gradual journey for me, said the dad of one.

Jon Boyle with is six-year-old son

Jon works as a university lecturer and runs his own lifestyle magazine alongside making music. He said: “I set myself three goals based around my hobbies when I was 21 – to become a football reporter, to become a DJ and to make a track that my musical idol DJ EZ would play.

“I’ve been very fortunate to achieve the first two as I have worked as a football reporter for various newspapers and DJd at my favourite bars and clubs, warming up for some of my favourite garage artists like Oxide & Neutrino along the way.”

Jon Boyle’s Pretty Girl EP is available now on all major digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, TikTok and more. To stream or download it, visit

The EP’s title song Pretty Girl is an upbeat bumpy garage track with edgy female vocals, reminiscent of the classic vibes of MJ Cole. The second Come On, is a bassy two-step instrumental track that rekindles the dark energy of DJ Zinc songs of yesteryear.

Jon busy as a DJ

The third track, Love Song, is a pumping vocal garage-house track with a nice blend of orchestral strings and a deep bassline, while the final track, Take Me Away, is a classic speed garage 4x4 roller that would not sound out of place in a DJ set alongside Double 99’s legendary anthem Ripgroove.

Jon said: “I’m hoping EZ will like at least one of the tracks – even if he hates three but plays one, it would be a dream come true and I could die a happy man!”