Nearly a THOUSAND new Covid cases confirmed in Milton Keynes today

And these are just the PCR tests - there may be many more unrecorded lateral flow positives

By Sally Murrer
Thursday, 30th December 2021, 9:14 pm

Milton Keynes has seen it's highest ever number of Covid cases today, with 975 positive PCR tests recorded by the government.

The figure only covers PCR tests - from those who have visited an official testing centre in MK. It is though that many more people have tested positive on a lateral flow test and home and not followed up with a PCR.

Thus the true figure could be considerably higher.

975 new Covid cases in Milton Keynes today

The case rate (number of cases per 100,000 people) now stands at 1,408.6 in Milton Keynes. This compares to the UK average of 1,216.

Nationally 189,213 new cases have been confirmed in the past 24 hours and a high number of Covid deaths - 332 - have been recorded. One of these is in Milton Keynes.

Government figures show there are still 28 Covid patients in MK Hospital and one of them is on a ventilator.