NHS consultant hits back over claims his house is far too big for Milton Keynes estate

A consultant anaesthetist who has been ordered to demolish part of his house claims he has been part of a ‘well structured campaign’.

By Sally Murrer
Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 1:02 pm
Updated Friday, 27th May 2022, 8:12 am
The house in Portland Drive
The house in Portland Drive

The Citizen reported how Dr Manoj Srivastava has lost his appeal against enforcement action on the home he had built for his family in Willen’s Portland Drive.

He has hit back with a vengeance at those who were unhappy about his property.

He said: “This was not a planning issue trial. It well structured campaign to malign my reputation and force council to demolish my home cooked up by the so-called Willen Resident Group and supported by the local councillors.

Dr Manoj Srivastava

"Willen Residents’ Group comprises of a minuscule percentage of residents who are living in pre WW1 era, thinking that they still rule the world especially Willen.

He added: “The decision rolled out is what I offered, in order to rectify the genuine mistake, three years back, during the first public hearing.

"The councillors and so called WRG was not ready to take a remedial approach at that time but wanted a punitive decision. The councillors were eyeing only their vote bank.

“The decision is welcomed, given I was ready to rectify the entire roof, way back in 2019.”

The vice-chair of Campbell Park Parish Council, Cllr Brian Greenwood, strongly denied the allegations.

He said: "We deal with all planning applications according to the policies of MK Council and our Neighbourhood Plan... Decisions made take all relevant legislation into consideration. Any objection made is always based on facts and laws in place.”

A spokesman for Willen Residents’ Association said: “We completely refute the owner’s repeated allegations against the WRG which are entirely unfounded."