OLD BAILEY TRIAL: Does DNA prove that defendant had sex with young girl?

The Old Bailey
The Old Bailey

An Old Bailey jury has retired to consider whether 11 men are guilty of a string of sex crimes against two young girls.

In summing up on Monday, Judge John Bevan surmised each of the cases against the men, and their defence.

Asif Hussain, of Rossal Place, Milton Keynes stands charged with three counts of rape of a girl under the age of 13, and arranging and facilitating the prostitution of a child.

Judge Bevan recapped on the specifics of Hussain’s case.

He said that the alleged victim says she knew Hussain by the name Lucky, and that they first had sex at his then flat in Buckingham Street, Aylesbury after meeting for the first time at a cinema.

During one trip to the flat Judge Bevan reminded the jury of an incident where the girl says she was left in a room with an older man who she says looked like Osama Bin Laden.

Reading out what the girl said, Judge Bevan stated: “There was an old man who looked like Bin Laden, he was stood as if he was waiting and there was porn on TV.

“Lucky said that he (the man) likes me.”

Judge Bevan said that the girl did not remember if she had ever been given money for sex by Lucky.

Semen from a mattress at the girl’s home was DNA tested, and found to belong to Hussain.

But Judge Bevan said that the girl could not remember ever having sex with the defendant at her house.

He reminded the jury that the alleged victim’s mother had appeared as a witness, and when asked if she had sex with Hussain she denied it.

Judge Bevan said that when Hussain was interviewed by police he denied ever having sex with anyone in Aylesbury.

When he was arrested he said: “I deny the allegations.”

The case continues.