Parents of missing Milton Keynes teen Leah Croucher send heart-felt message to her on 20th birthday

Leah Croucher
Leah Croucher

The parents of missing Leah Croucher have wished her happy birthday today in a heart-wrenching message on social media.

John and Clare Croucher wrote: "Today is Leah's 20th birthday. Tomorrow she will have been missing six calendar months.

"Happy Birthday our sweet Leah. We miss you. We want to spend your birthday with you. We want you to come home. We want you here with us.

"We are trying desperately to cope with the fact you are not here any more. We are not doing that very well. We all feel helpless, sad, empty and lost. We miss you so much."

"There is a party for you this weekend at Furzton Lake. We hope you will come. All our love, mum and dad. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "

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The 'party' is a two day music festival at Furzton Lake. Saturday is house and disco music aimed at Leah's age group and above, while Sunday is a family day.

Leah walked near the lake almost daily on her way to work from her Emerson Valley home.

She vanished while working to work on the morning of February 15 and there has been no confirmed sighting of her since.

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If anybody has any information that could solve the mystery of what has happened to Leah, the Citizen is urging them to take action today as a birthday gesture.

They can contact police on 101 or they can stay totally anonymous and call Crimestoppers free on 0800 555 111.