Pedestrian hit by car on 70mph dual carriageway in Milton Keynes is helped by off-duty nurse

An off-duty nurse rushed to the rescue when a pedestrian was hit by a car on a 70mph dual carriageway in Milton Keynes.

Tuesday, 1st October 2019, 4:41 pm
The collision occurred on the busy H6, Childs Way opposite the turn off to Morrisons supermarket near CMK rail station

Maggie Halliday was driving home from her job in the healthcare wing of Woodhill Prison when she saw a man lying in the road on the busy H6, Childs Way, opposite the turn off to Morrisons supermarket near CMK rail station.

“I thought he looked in a bad way so I bumped my car up onto the verge and rushed across,” Maggie said.

Witnesses told 52-year-old Maggie that the man, believed to be in his 20s, had stepped out into the road and collided with a car which had not had time to stop. The impact had thrown him up into the air.

“He did not look in a good way at all. He was unconscious and bleeding quite profusely from a head injury and it looked as though his leg and possibly his pelvis was fractured. It was also possible that the impact had caused spinal damage – which meant it would be really dangerous to move him,” she said.

Maggie instructed a bystander to fetch the nurse's first aid kit she carries in the boot of her car.

“I put pads on his head to stop the bleeding and, because of the likelihood of spinal injury, kept him very still until the ambulance arrived,” she said.

“He started to regain consciousness as the paramedics arrive so I tried to keep him calm.”

It was decided to call and wait for the ambulance to transfer the still unknown man to a specialist trauma unit. Maggie, who spent 15 years working in A&E, helped the paramedics stabilise him and nurse him until it arrived.

This week she has shrugged off praise from her employers CNWL, who have hailed her a hero for her actions.

Jane Hannon, CNWL MK director, said: “Mags is brilliant and I was so proud when I heard about this and I’ve been telling everyone! This was Mags responding as a nurse – something she actually does at work every day. Well done Mags; you’re a star.”

Maggie added: “I did what any nurse would do. I was glad to help. But I would really like to known how this young man is. I have heard nothing since, and I just hope he is recovering.”

The condition of the pedestrian is not known at the time of writing.