People invited to 'tap to donate' to prevent post-lockdown surge of homelessness in Milton Keynes

As the end of Covid support for homeless people nears, experts predict a surge in people sleeping rough all over MK once again.

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 5:35 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 5:36 pm

For this reason the 'Tap to Donate' scheme started by MyMiltonKeynes at the city centre has now been significantly expanded.

Shoppers and visitors to CMK can tap their card on a special machine to make a contactless donation, which will go directly to Milton Keynes Homelessness Partnership to help homeless people in the community.

This week two more of the special machines have been installed, making a total of eight. They can be found at the rail station, at Network Rail Headquarters, John Lewis Customer Collections, Jury’s Inn, Midsummer Place (near Gap), Midsummer Place (near Zara), Xscape MK and at the centre:mk guest services area.

There could soon be a surge in sleeping rough as homeless people return to the streets
There could soon be a surge in sleeping rough as homeless people return to the streets

MyMiltonKeynes launched the scheme early last year but shortly afterwards the world went into lockdown. During this time, homeless people have been offered rooms in local hotels to keep them safe and infection free.

"As we find ourselves now emerging from the past 12 months of uncertainty, homelessness in Milton Keynes is once again becoming an increasingly prevalent topic," said a MyMiltonKeynes spokesman. "The end of the government’s financial Covid support is now in sight and it is understandably a worrying time for the charities that support those who are most ‘at risk’ of homelessness within our community."

Now it is hoped that all those returning to shopping, dining and working in CMK will dig deep to support those that have been left vulnerable by the pandemic.

Tracey McCillen, Chief Executive of Milton Keynes Homelessness Partnership, said: “MKHP is a network of organisations who connect to prevent and end homelessness in MK. We are working harder than ever with our partners and local authorities to mitigate the inevitable after-effects of the pandemic on those most ‘at risk’ of homelessness."

There are now eight 'tap to donate' machines at CMK

She added: "Homelessness is many things. It’s important we don’t make assumptions and we should always see the person, rather than the circumstance. It is more important than ever that we receive the support we need, to do everything within our powers to ensure adults, families and young people across MK get the help they need.

“Thank you to MyMiltonKeynes for boosting the reach of Tap to Donate with two brand new machines, which are situated in areas that will very likely have a high number of visitors. MKHP supports real collaboration for real change and MyMiltonKeynes and their support is a great example of that.

"If you’re visiting CMK over the coming months, we would encourage you to give whatever you can, through this quick and easy donation facility.”

For further information about Milton Keynes Homelessness Partnership and how you can support its work visit