Pet owners warned about large amounts of mysterious 'dog food' dumped in parts of Milton Keynes

Piles of tiny ‘dog biscuits’ mysteriously dumped on popular walking routes in MK could be harmful of pets eat it, local experts have warned.

By Sally Murrer
Tuesday, 5th April 2022, 4:14 pm

The brown pellets have been found in large quantities on the ground in three different areas of Milton Keynes so far, according to social media.

Nobody knows if they are proper dog food, but dogs are making a beeline for them and eating them.

Photos of the pellets are being shared on Facebook by dog owners and walking groups, with a warning that they could be harmful.

These are the pellets that are being found on dog walking routes in MK

The MK Dog Behaviour and Training page stated: ““Watch out if you're walking your dog in Oxley Park this morning. Someone has 'very helpfully' emptied a whole bag of dog food on the path between OP and the prison. Might not be sinister but could certainly lead to some tummy aches.”

It adds: “Seems a little odd to us, so be careful. There’s also reports of the same in Crownhill.”

Today the same thing happened in Newton Leys, where the pellets have been dumped by a fence between the two lakes.

One dog owner reported how her pet ate some of the food before she could stop him. Worried it might be laced with rat poison, he was taken to the vets, who induced vomiting and did blood tests.

More pellets were found at Oxley Park

The substance has still not been identified, but so far the dog seems unaffected.

The owner of Canine MK Dog Services has also put out a warning on Facebook about the dumped food.

“My advice is to keep your dogs away from it, full stop. You never know what's in it and you can't take the risk,” she wrote.

Other members of the public wrote: “There’s been several posts locally about this happening on the MK dog group - it does seem very strange as it’s a large amount of dog food in each location.

“It could be someone trying to feed wildlife but absolutely keep your dogs away from it just in case.”

If you know what the pellets are or if you have spotted them in other parts of MK, please let us know.