Pets in Need project has been supporting pet owners in Milton Keynes through pandemic

Initiative backed by Jollyes Pet Superstore and Food Bank distribution centre

Thursday, 6th January 2022, 4:44 pm
Chris Watts, assistant manager at Jollyes, Westcroft, pictured with Jake, fundraiser David's dog, collecting donations for Pets In Need on Thursday (6/1)

The Covid pandemic has seen many people fall on hard times with some finding it difficult to feed their families - let alone their pets.

Well help has been at hand thanks to a Pets In Need project set up by animal lover David Ashford.

David has been a supporter of Milton Keynes Food Bank for many years but came up with the idea around 12 months ago when realising that families finding it hard to make ends meet during the pandemic also needed help to feed their pets.

He has organised a number of fundraisers for Milton Keynes Food Bank with the help of Jollyes Pet Superstore in Westcroft, and was delighted when staff agreed to get behind the Pets In Need project.

He said: "For more than a year Jollyes Pet Superstore in Westcroft, Milton Keynes, has generously supported this little project with West Bletchley’s Frank Moran Centre distributing gifts through its Food Bank outlet.

"In these hard times people are finding it harder and harder to put food on the table. If families are unable to feed themselves what about their beloved pets?

"Today my Doggie Jake went to collect the latest gifts of love from Jollyes."

Jollyes manager, Ricky Weal, added: "David got in touch with us several years ago with a suggestion to do some local fundraising for the Food Bank and other charities. However about a year ago he suggested setting up Pets In Need and we were only to happy to help.

"We believe pets are important to us and become part of the family so jumped at the chance.

"Times have been difficult during the pandemic and we'd hate to think people are not able to manage or feel they have to get rid of their pets because they've fallen on hard times so we've been collecting and donating pet food.

"We do regular fundraising every Christmas and will continue to do so especially during these hard times. Our next one will be the run up to Easter. We've raised funds and donated pet food to various animal charities in the past with the Pets In Need initiative supporting pets via Milton Keynes Food Bank."