Pictured: The 'vulnerable' man who lay dead in his flat for up to NINE MONTHS before anyone in Milton Keynes realised


These are the first pictures of the tragic young autistic man who lay dead in his flat for up to nine months before his body was discovered.

Ayman Habayeb, 28 whose funeral is today, was classed by Milton Keynes social services as a vulnerable adult.

Ayman with his mum

Ayman with his mum

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Six years ago, social workers helped him leave his family's Stantonbury home and move into his own flat in Ashland, complete with a care package to ensure he coped.

Ayman, for reasons not known to his parents, told social services he wished to have no contact with his family and he even changed his name to Roy.

His decomposed body was discovered in a cupboard in his flat on August 21, after housing association officials called to evict him due to unpaid rent. It is believed he had hanged himself.

Ayman had last been seen alive in November 2018.

Ayman with his parents

Ayman with his parents

Today his heartbroken mother Annabela described how she and her husband Fuad had battled for years with social services to be allowed to see their son.

She said: "We used all resources, including a lawyer, but the court refused to hear our case. We tried to get information from the local authorities about our son's welfare but were denied as our son was an adult.

"It was not taken into consideration that our son was a vulnerable adult with no mental capacity for making such decisions."

Annabela even set up a Facebook page in the hope people would send her information about Ayman,

She said: "Having raised our son from birth he vanished from our lives. Not knowing if our son was dead or alive, safe and well, I decided to make this page a way of reaching out in the hope someone working close to him or our son seeing it, he would want to get in touch."

MK Council has now agreed a serious case review will be held into Ayman's death to discover whether he was failed by the authorities.

Council leader Pete Marland said: "I am told that the man was known to several support services in Milton Keynes but may have been refusing help and intervention. However, given the circumstances I think it is only right this case is reviewed by a multi-agency safeguarding review to establish the facts and investigate the circumstances of this death."