Fast food in MK throughout the years

Pictures: Fast food through the ages in Milton Keynes

Now that all those well-meaning New Year’s resolutions to eat healthily have been consigned to the dustbin, let’s have a look at something close to our hearts – fast food outlets around the city through the years.

Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 6:00 am

The oldest picture here is the one of the two ladies at the hatch of the burger van, snapped in Tattenhoe Lane in 1973. And the next oldest is the colour one of the chip shop frontage – but where is it? Calling all chip lovers – can you help us identify its whereabouts? Next we skip to 1979, with a family enjoying a Maccy Ds, sitting on one of the marble planters outside Boots “up city”. In the next shot – also from 1979 – you can see the home of the Golden Arches itself and if you look very carefully you will see the rather chic bistro-style chairs they had in there back then. The chip van on Fishermead is from the early 80s, as you can tell from the prices – cod and chips for 97p anybody? Bargain - yes please! The pictures of the four young boys eating chips and the ladies sitting at the cafe table were both taken in Wolverton’s Agora and also date from the early 80s. We stay in Wolverton with the final photo, taken in the chip shop in Church Street in the mid 1990s. And now I really want a chippy tea. To find out more about how Living Archive MK preserves your memories of Milton Keynes and the surrounding area and browse the online book sale on the website. See if you can spot yourselves – or your favourite place to grab a bite from years gone by...

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