Pictures released as rescue centre launches appeal to save the lives of three sick Pomeranian puppies dumped in Milton Keynes

Three tiny Pomeranian puppies dumped outside gates of an animal sanctuary are fighting for their lives today.

Tuesday, 9th July 2019, 4:45 pm
Foxy fighting the virus

The six-week old pups all have potentially deadly Parvovirus and their treatment is set to cost HULA rescue centre thousands of pounds.

Sadly a fourth puppy has already lost his batle for survival and died in the arms of a worker at the Aspley Guise sanctuary.

Staff arrived for work one morning last week to find the four sick and shivering Poms huddled together in a grubby cat carrier left outside the main gate.

Foxy fighting the virus

They were rushed to a vet, where it was confirmed all four pupppies were suffering from Parvo, a highly contagious and often fatal disease that is common in poorly bred puppies.

Laura Randall, rehoming coordinator at HULA, said: “I received the text I had been dreading from the vet late one night to say that one of the puppies, Basil, was losing his fight and the kindest thing we could do would be to put him to sleep.

" I rushed over there knowing how important it was to let him know during his final moments that he was loved, and that he had deserved so much better than the awful little life he was given. He died in my arms just after midnight. I hope he’s at peace now.”

Without medical intervention, none of the four would have survived. But already the three remaining puppies are demonstrating "amazing strength and resilience" and responsing well to their ongoing treatment, said Laura.

RIP Basil

However, the whopping bill will prove a strain for the sanctuary. This week the HULA team set up a Just Giving page, hoping the public will help by makinging donations.

"We are appealing for your help to save the lives of these young dogs who deserve a future so much

brighter than the darkness they’ve left behind," said Laura.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the website

Poorly pups
Robin fighting for his life
Tod battling the disease
Very sick puppy on arrival