Pictures: Shoppers arrive at Milton Keynes' Primark with SUITCASES after months of closure

More than 200 people were queuing to get into Primark at the centre:mk when it re-opened its doors this morning.

Monday, 12th April 2021, 12:38 pm

A a few canny shoppers even brought their own suitcases because they were planning to buy so much.

"There must have been more than 200 people.And as the morning wore on the queue seemed to get even longer," said one visitor.

The queues were steered to the outside of the building where, in the case of Primark they stretched right up from the market to the John Lewis end of the shopping centre.

Some shoppers bought trolleys and suitcases to load their purchases. Photo: Jane Russell

"People didn't seem to mind the queue. I think they were just desperate to re-stock on all the essentials they'd missed during lockdown!" said the witness.

The store at MK1 was also busy but that will be open until 10pm from Monday to Saturday in a bid to reduce the queues. The centre:mk store will be open from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday and 8am to 7pm on Saturdays.

Other city centre shops prompting giant queues included TK Maxx, Zara and a gents' barber.

The queue for Primark snaked down the outside of the shopping centre. Photo Jane Russell
Some people couldn't contain their excitement at the prospect of Primark being open again. Photo: Janes Russell