Pictures show trapped ducklings being saved outside Milton Keynes school

The ducklings ran into some trouble yesterday (April 22), on their way to the canal luckily locals were there to save the day.

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 3:49 pm

A group of ducklings and their mother were making their trek towards the canal by Giffard Park Primary School.

Sadly, the miniature ducks ran into some trouble on their travels with three of them falling into a drain outside the school.

Passers-by quickly formed a rescue operation to save the water birds. Parents school staff and local residents all got involved to lift the ducklings out of the drain.

A look at the rescue team in action

With the crisis averted all ducklings plus their mother made it to the safety of the canal.

A spokesperson for Giffard Park Primary School said: "Thank you to all who helped in the rescue operation on Thursday. We have had a duck-date that all ducklings and mum have made it safely to the canal."

Another shot from yesterday's duckling operation
Another look at the popular ducks
Safe and sound