Police provide poster for Milton Keynes people who do not want trick or treaters this Hallowe'en

Police in Milton Keynes are urging trick or treaters to be aware of who they scare this Hallowe'en.

Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 1:45 pm

And they have drawn up a special poster for people to download and display in their windows if they prefer not to be disturbed on the night.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: "Hallowe'en and the days preceding, is one of the busiest times of year for our contact centres where 999 and 101 calls and online reports are taken."

Police officers will be conducting extra patrols around Hallowe'en. They have advised anyone feeling unsafe not to open their door if they are unsure of who is there.


"Use your spyhole, look out of a window, and use your door chain if you do decide to open your door," said the spokesman.

Police are urging trick or treaters to respect the wishes of anyone displaying one of their posters.

"While Hallowe'en is an exciting time for many, be aware that not everyone is happy for you to call at their home. Be considerate of those who may find large groups of people in scary costumes intimidating. Only visit the homes of people you know well or who are clearly displaying Hallowe'en decorations," said the spokesman.