Police provide update on grey hooded jumper central to major Leah Croucher search in Milton Keynes

Police have admitted they have not yet seen the grey hoodie that sparked today's massive search for Leah Croucher at Blue Lagoon lake.

Wednesday, 9th October 2019, 5:23 pm
The grey hoodie Leah was wearing when she vanished in February is central to the major search in MK

It is understood a member of the public saw an item of clothing resembling the distinctive hoodie in the water, but did not fish it out.

As the search by diving experts draws to a close today, a police spokesman told the MK Citizen: "Police are not in possession of the hooded top.

"Police believe it may be linked to Leah - we are not able to confirm if it definitely is or is not Leah Croucher’s hooded top."

The logo on the hoodie is distinctive and the tops are relatively rare

The grey top had a logo saying Stewartby Taekwondo, the club where Leah is a talented member and her dad is an instructor.

Officers say the search for it may last for several days, and Leah's family are waiting anxiously for news at their Emerson Valley home.

Claire sobbed: “If the worst has happened, I would like my daughter's body back so her family can have a burial and say goodbye – because everybody deserves that."

Leah seen on CCTV before she went missing

This is the first time since Leah disappeared in February that her family have allowed themselves to publicly admit the horrible fact that she could have been murdered.

They are still desperately hoping they are proved wrong and Leah may have deliberately disappeared – though there is nothing in her character to suggest she would do that.

Her dad John said: “Truthfully, I do not believe she has run away. She has got a fair amount of money in the bank and that has not been touched. If you are running away, surely you would take something?”

Claire added: “There is no way she has run away. Someone has taken her. Something bad has happened... there are some people out there in the world who know where she is and what has happened to her.”

The search taking place at the Blue Lagoon in MK

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