Police to the rescue after elderly man forgets where he parked his car - and Pug pet dog - at Milton Keynes shopping centre

Caring police officers made "extensive" searches at a Milton Keynes shopping centre after an elderly and confused dog owner forgot where he parked his car.

Monday, 25th November 2019, 12:28 pm
Updated Monday, 25th November 2019, 12:29 pm

The man was distressed because he had left his pet pug locked in the car while he went shopping.

A police spokesman said on Twitter: "Security from Tesco were unable to locate the car and called police. We were asked to attend when we came on duty. On our arrival, the chap had been put into a taxi to go back home.

"After extensive searches of every car park in Kingston, the vehicle was located with an unhappy pug. After enquiries with our colleagues in Winslow, we made contact with the gentleman and a few hours later he was reunited with his very happy dog."

The car - and pug - was eventually found by police

The officer gave the dog "lots of fuss" said the spokesman.

The post won praise on Twitter, with people thanking the neighbourhood team police for being so caring.

"Thank you for the very kind work," posted one member of the public.

But others were critical.

"Shouldn't own a dog if he gonna leave it in his car whilst he is shopping and shouldn't be driving if he cant remember where his car is! Take his license and take his dog," said one man.

Another posted: "I can’t actually believe they needed the police! Surely an announcement over the speaker system would have got an army of volunteers looking? Or are shoppers that horrid these days? At least find the dog in the car then maybe use police to assist the after care moving of his car... but really... bless this old man - maybe he’ll have his licence removed now."

However, most people were in agreement that Kingston Car Park is one of the worst places in MK for finding your car.

"It’s easy to lose your car in Kingston car park done it loads of times," posted one driver.