Primary school's action to tackle climate change praised by Milton Keynes MP

Bletchley pupils have been lauded for taking decisive action to tackle climate change - and have now tasked MP Iain Stewart with championing the message.

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 3:05 pm
MP Iain Stewart

Earlier this year, pupils at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School attended an assembly about the global effects of climate change led by Cathy Stormonth, a volunteer for the aid agency CAFOD.

Moved by what they heard, the pupils leapt into action – setting up an Eco-Committee, which to date has already planted 10 trees, banned snacks with plastic packaging, created a vegetable patch, and is working toward the Eco-Schools and Green Flag Awards.

“The School was already recycling as much as possible and pupils were trying not to waste water and electricity but felt they could do much more,” said Cathy.

St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“This led to pupils forming an Eco-Committee to take steps to become a much greener school.

“Pupils also felt it was important to tell their local MP how they felt about the impact of climate change and all Year 6 pupils wrote him a letter.”

After receiving and reading all 30 letters, MP Iain Stewart arranged to visit the school.

Pupils asked questions about renewable energy in Milton Keynes, his ideas on how to make a global impact, and why climate change is not taught in schools as part of the National Curriculum.

“It was wonderful to meet pupils at St Thomas Aquinas to discuss environmental issues and hear their ideas for helping the planet,” said Iain Stewart MP, after the visit. “It was impressive to see them taking so much interest in the subject.”

Pupils have promised to keep Mr Stewart updated on progress – and have tasked him with raising the issues they spoke about with other MPs.

Cathy added: “Mr Stewart answered the questions very well and gave some good advice and guidance on how to be more eco-friendly. He said that he would take the suggestions back to Parliament and tell fellow MPs about what pupils wanted to learn.”

If you want to support young people within your school or local community to take action on the climate crisis, resources are available at