Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces tough questions from our readers on visit to Milton Keynes

MK Citizen readers didn't hold back when they had the chance to put their questions to Boris Johnson on his visit to Milton Keynes today (Wednesday).

Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 6:45 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 7:03 pm

The Prime Minister met with Red Bull Racing staff and the CEO before giving his response to several tough questions put by the public.

Taking to Facebook, readers asked Johnson about his "reluctance" to face political journalist Andrew Neil for a debate and why both Tory candidates for Milton Keynes failed to show up at a hustings event.

Here are some of the questions put to the Prime Minister and how he responded to the Citizen:

Boris Johnson at Red Bull Racing

Why were you so reluctant to face Andrew Neil on the BBC?

"I'm the first Prime Minister in a generation to have done a head-to-head debate and I've answered more questions by far than any other leader in this election."

Why do a lot of your candidates NOT show up at hustings or assemblies, is being a no show party policy?

"I think Iain Stewart (MP for Milton Keynes South) and a others are out campaigning meeting people across the constituency."

MP Stewart added: "Morning, afternoon, evening I'm on the doorstep like I'm doing this evening.

"I'm organising events for groups of voters to come and put any question they like to me so I can assure you I'm out maximising time with voters."

Why are you against the Russia report being made available prior to the vote next week?

"This is all Bermuda Triangle stuff, there is no evidence whatsoever that there has been any successful Russian intervention in any British electoral event.

"I saw no reason for it to be brought forward before a general election."

Will you apologise for your Islamophobic remarks in the past, and what are you doing to tackle Islamophobia in your party?

"I said what I've said in previous articles but we do not tolerate in the Conservative party prejudice, whether its Islamophobia or antisemitism. What we are doing is having an independent inquiry into all prejudice of any type before the end of the year."