Psychic pair from Milton Keynes blow the minds of Britain's Got Talent judges

A magical couple from Milton Keynes have stunned Britain’s Got Talent judges with their mind reading act.

Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 3:47 pm
Mind2Mind on the BGT stage

Mind2Mind’s James Harrington and Marina Milani say they have not only learned to read each other’s minds but can use telepathy on other people too.

This week the couple are celebrating a successful audition – and also their engagement.

James has told how he got down on one knee and popped the question while clutching an adoption certificate for Marina’s pet pug.

Mind2Mind on the BGT stage

He told the Metro: “It was just a home engagement but it was really geared towards Marina, and knowing what she would like and what actually made her burst into tears.”

He added: “I’d known that Marina’s baby, her pug Muffin, was the love of her life, and I always refused to say that I loved him because I wanted to wait until I proposed.

“So right before I actually proposed I got on one knee and gave her a certificate of adoption to adopt Muffin as my own and promised that I would love him.”

Saturday night saw the couple get four emphatic yeses from Britain’s Got Talent judges, with Simon Cowell declaring: “It was mind-blowing. Start to finish, amazing,”

The couple together in London

Their act started with James blindfolding Marina and then asking Amanda Holden to produce a couple of random items from her own handbag.

Marina was able to correctly identify the items.

James then told Simon Cowell to close his eyes and put his fingers in his ears while Amanda chose a country from a list of 100.

Marina helped her “telepathically communicate” with Simon.

When asked which country had sprung into his mind, Simon wrote ‘Italy’ – the same country Amanda had selected.

Afterwards Amanda said: “I have no idea how you did that. I think the act and your chemistry and the whole thing felt very mysterious and spooky and it was absolutely amazing, so well done.”

But some viewers were more sceptical and took to Twitter wondering if the act had been rigged.

One person tweeted: “That’s good but I’m sceptical that the bag thing was set up?”

Another wrote: “How did mind2mind do that???? Had to be a set up.”

Others asked why Amanda had not left her bag backstage.