Radio One presenters marvel at Milton Keynes futuristic use of robot technology

Scott Mills and Chris Stark were stunned to discover the city's use of Artificial Technology.

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 3:44 pm

The two DJs grilled Cameron, a 24-year-old from Milton Keynes, who called into Mills' afternoon show on Radio One.

Cameron participated in the 'Bangers' segment of the programme. Mills told the 24-year-old: "I'm quite jealous of you guys in Milton Keynes, I saw Katie Thistleton talking about this on her [Instagram] story the other day.

"I think she was doing some filming in Milton Keynes. How come you've got robots to deliver food, but we don't have robots anywhere else?!"

Radio One DJs Scott Mills and Chris Stark were stunned to discover robot deliveries in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has become the nation's leader when it comes to Artificial Technology with the city implementing the first ever robot delivery service in 2018.

Although, robot deliveries has slowly become commonplace and normalised in MK it clearly remains an object of fascination in other parts of the country.

Mills added: "There's a robot grocery delivery service now to keep people safe. Robots arrive at your door with milk eggs and other essentials. It's a robot with wheels, it's quite cool isn't it? Have you experienced this service, Cameron?"

Cameron replied: "yeah I use it quite a lot. It's quite good."

The nonchalance with which Cameron replied stunned an incredulous Mills who barked: "Do you actually?! So a robot arrives at your door with food?"

When Cameron explained you simply unlock the robot using an app, Mills called the process 'wild', whilst Stark exclaimed that 'he didn't understand'. Before Mills finished by requesting: "roll this out everywhere please'.

Recent reports suggest that Milton Keynes could be on a par with global technology hubs San Francisco and Singapore.

In 2019 alone, Santander begun its £150m investment into a new innovation centre in Central Milton Keynes and the city has been announced as a testbed for 5G.