Rarely seen video shows fascinating footage of Milton Keynes in 1967-68 after new town plans were announced

Fascinating video footage shows a news report in Milton Keynes 52 years ago when it was a village home to just 160 people.

Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 3:44 pm
MK in 1967

The rarely seen black and white video forms part of the British Pathe film footage archive and has not been widely viewed.

The segment was taken from a show called New Town which formed part of the programme World in View.

Footage shows Milton Keynes before the development which turned it into a town home to a quarter of a million people and some of the country and world's leading businesses.

MK in 1967

The clip, narrated in trademark 60s news reporter style, remarks how locals at the time saw the plans as something of a joke that would likely never happen.

At the end of the clip there is also silent footage of what is believed to be Bletchley - also taken from the British Pathe archive - taken a year later and in colour.

If you watch one video today let it be this.