Repaired potholes are crumbling again in Milton Keynes due to 'inferior and slapdash' methods, claim councillors

The quality of pothole repairs throughout MK has been criticised by local Conservative councillors.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 1:58 pm

They are asking the Labour-led MK Council to review all repairs carried out over the past couple of years using Spray Injection Patching machines.

The Tories claim the system is only suitable for low traffic roads, and as a result some newly-repaired potholes are already failing again throughout the borough.

“Labour’s failure to repair potholes quickly and effectively means we’re seeing more and more slapdash pothole repairs that come apart as quickly as just a few months," said local Conservative group leader Cllr Alex Walker.

The turbo spray injection system is used to fill potholes in MK

He claimed: "The council was warned about its slap dash approach in 2018 but choose to continue with the wrong repair options that are only meant to be utilised for low traffic roads."

In 2018 a company called Jetpatcher Corporation flagged to Milton Keynes Council that the Spray Injection Patching machines used by MK Council were not adequate for the job they were tasked with, said Cllr Walker.

He said they stated the machines 'resulted in inferior repairs and the use of the process in the wrong areas which can cause premature failure'.

"Now two years on residents across MK are flagging crumbling repaired potholes. The notorious Kingston roundabout is currently one of the worst examples of failed pothole repairs which have caused the road to become extremely dangerous to motorists and cyclists," he added.

Some pothole repairs in MK are collapsing and crumbling, say the Tories

"Another case in Olney saw repairs complete last June, only for the pothole to reopen again and be repaired for a second time in December. It is now due to be repaired for a third time next week.

“This is not good enough – with MK residents seeing their 7th council tax increase in a row, the very least they should expect are safe roads and potholes being repaired properly."

Tories want to see the city's pothole repair budget quadrupled.

"The RAC has recently warned of local authorities opting for quick fixes rather than long-term solutions, which is why the government has given MK Council a boost of £7.9million to help fix local roads properly," said Cllr Walker.

MK Council leader Pete Marland has previously defended the current pothole repair system, saying: “The turbo spray injection machine has been tested elsewhere in the country.

“Its work is guaranteed. If the repair goes wrong, it will be done again.”