Resident's video shows noise from illegal rave in Milton Keynes before police swooped to shut it down

A Milton Keynes resident recorded video which shows the noise from an illegal rave before police swooped to shut it down.

Monday, 20th May 2019, 9:48 am

Now the MK Citizen has been sent video footage which shows just how noisy the illegal gathering was for nearby residents.

In a note to the Citizen, the resident said: "The rave kept the whole area awake all night."


Another resident wrote to the Citizen to express his disgust at how the situation was handled.

He said: "You should be aware that the number of complaints does not give a true reflection of the number of local residents that have had their weekend destroyed by this illegal activity. It is an indication of the complete loss of confidence in the police to do anything about it. "Despite the police informing you that they had shut it down at 1, it is now 3.15 and the music is still going as loud as ever. "Local residents have also discovered people using the children’s play equipment as somewhere to defecate and take drugs this morning. When confronted by residents there have been threats and confrontation. "The police have completely lost control of this situation."