Revealed: 25 areas of Milton Keynes most likely to see house prices rise in the next month

The following areas of Milton Keynes are expected to see house prices rise in the next few months.

Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 2:37 pm
Milton Keynes

TheAdvisory, using its PropCast data, has revealed the areas of Milton Keynes where house prices are set to rise. The results come from analysing the performance of 12,574 property sales across MK and wider Bucks and TheAdvisory has identified which are the strongest and weakest property markets. It means any buyers currently on the fence about properties in these areas might want to consider getting their offers in while those selling might be tempted to wait it out. Our gallery lists the areas most likely to see price rises in order.

Bolbeck Park, MK15
Downhead Park, MK15
Fox Milne, MK15
Newlands, MK15
Pennyland, MK15
Pineham, MK15
Northfield and Tongwell, MK15
Willen, Willen Park and Willen Lake, MK15
Greenleys, MK12
Hodge Lea, MK12
Old Wolverton, MK12
Stacey Bushes, MK12
Wolverton, MK12
Wolverton Mill, MK 12
Blakelands, MK14
Conniburrow, MK14
Downs Barn, MK14
Giffard Park, MK14
Great Linford, MK14
Linford Wood, MK14
Stantonbury, MK14
Neath Hill, MK14
Central Bletchley, MK2
Fenny Stratford, MK2
Water Eaton, MK2