Schoolboy, 11, dragged into bushes and stripped almost naked in broad daylight attack in Milton Keynes

A father has put out a warning after his 11-year-old son was snatched by two teenagers in the street, dragged into bushes and stripped almost naked.

Monday, 4th November 2019, 5:23 pm
The incident happened as the boy walked to school in Oakgrove

The culprits were two boys aged about 16, and police are currently trying to trace them.

The victim was walking to school in Oakgrove at 8am this morning when the two youths suddenly grabbed him.

They held him, one either side, and dragged him forcibly along Harvard Way towards the park.


Here they ordered the terrified lad to jump over the fence into the park. When he refused, they forced him over and dragged him towards some bushes.

"They held him down and stripped him off to just his boxers. Then they went through his school bag. I think they were looking for things to steal but he didn't have a phone or anything valuable on him," said the boy's furious father.

"My son was shouting for help all the time. There must have been people about but they ignored him," he said.

The victim was left in the bushes, uninjured but covered in mud from head to foot and in severe shock.

"He walked through the estate in his boxers, crying, covered in mud and asking for help. Again, people drove or walked past.

"Eventually a lovely family of Muslim people stopped. They asked if he was okay and when he said what had happened, they took him back to their house, let him have a shower and gave him hot chocolate to warm up. They were so lovely and we want to thank them," said the dad.

The boy had never seen his two attackers before. Both were white and both wore sunglasses and hoodies with the hoods pulled up. The first one wore a green hoodie with a skull design on it, black jeans and black trainers. The second wore a black hoodies, dark grey jeans and black trainers.

The boy's dad is asking Oakgrove residents to check their CCTV to see if the culprits have been caught on camera.

Anybody who saw anything is urged to call police on 101.

"I can't describe how angry I am that these teenagers can do that to my son. He is traumatised. I want them caught and put behind bars," said the dad.