Shocking details emerge from murder case involving son of Milton Keynes vicar

A vicar's son on trial for murder made it his "life's work" to control, humiliate and kill elderly people after getting them to change their wills so that he inherited their houses, a court heard today.

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 8:23 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd May 2019, 8:58 am
Ben Field

Churchwarden Benjamin Field, who is 28, poisoned his victims with drugs and alcohol after befriending them and tried to make the deaths look like accidents or suicides, the prosecution alleged.

Field entered into a 'marriage ceremony' with gay retired English teacher Peter Farquhar and also entered into a full-blown sexual relationship with an 83-year-old Catholic Ann Moore-Martin, who lived in the same street.

But all the time was devising an “exit strategy” for killing them both. And his secret was not discovered until his victim's body was exhumed almost two years after death.

Ben Field

Field, whose father is Olney Baptist minister Reverend Ian Field, is accused of murdering 69-year-old retired Stowe teacher Mr Farquhar and attempting to murder Ms Moore-Martin.

The court heard Field, of Wellingborough Road, Olney, caused Mr Farguhar to become a "dribbling shambles of his former self".

These attempts included to cause heart failure, cause car crashes, or even suffocating them while asleep or sedated, the jury was told.

The case is so detailed, complex and shocking we have broken it down into three separate stories which you can read here by clicking on the headlines below.

Peter Farquhar
Ann Moore Martin