Shocking video shows the moment Milton Keynes woman slapped train passenger over wheelchair row

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A Milton Keynes woman who was caught on camera slapping another train passenger during a row has been let off with a caution.

The argument was triggered by commuters standing in an area designated for wheelchairs on a busy Virgin Trains service to London Euston.

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Triangle News

The woman, 55, who was with a male companion in a wheelchair, was seen calling other passengers "ableists" and "b******s" before lunging at a young woman.

She was reported to police in May and was eventually identified and handed an adult caution for common assault earlier this month.

The woman, from Milton Keynes, was never arrested and voluntarily attended an interview with British Transport Police officers.

It was filmed by another passenger and began with the woman shouting 'get out of the aisle' at other passengers.

Triangle News

Triangle News

In the footage she said: "Look at all of them. Look at all of them. Abilist-bodied b******s, the whole lot of them."

She then slapped a woman in a yellow top to the shock of the other passengers, with gasps and a shout of "woah" following.

It sparked a row with a dark-haired woman standing nearby who blasted the 55-year-old for her actions.

Meanwhile another man was heard saying: "Right, the police are being called."

Another says: "Someone call British Transport Police. The police will be waiting at the next station."

As the row continued, the dark-haired woman said: "No one is being abused. You need to calm down. Your friend wasn't trying to access that spot at that time."

After an inaudible exchange, the woman added: "Shut your f**king mouth. You touch anyone else and I swear to God I'll lose it. You are touching innocent people. You've upset that poor girl."

She then starts talking to the wheelchair user and says: "Get off me."

He replies: "I'm trying to turn around." She responds: "You are rolling your wheelchair over my feet."

Another passenger replies: "Can we all just calm down a bit."

The dark-haired woman then tells the suspect: "You are a disgrace, you are a disgrace. I don't lose it very easily, but you've made me lose it."

The man in the wheelchair then says: "I am a human being you know."

It happened on the 6.10pm Virgin Train service from Birmingham New Street to London Euston on May 12.

The woman got off at about 7pm at Milton Keynes.

A British Transport Police spokesman said: "The woman, aged 55 and from Milton Keynes, has been given an adult caution for common assault."