Six-year-old boy launches big act of kindness after being upset by bullying in Milton Keynes

'He wanted to concentrate on things that are kind and good," says his mum

By Sally Murrer
Thursday, 4th November 2021, 3:56 pm

A caring six-year-old boy has vowed to buy chocolate treats for more than 200 needy or sick children this Christmas.

Little Jake Peill says he is carrying out his act of kindness so that bullies realise it is "better to be nice".

The youngster was bullied himself by children on his estate last year. And this year he became upset when he other children get the same treatment when they were playing out near their homes.


"He couldn't understand why the bullies were being horrible. We've always brought him up to understand that everyone is the same and nobody deserves to be treated differently or bad," said his mum Jessica.

"We sat him down and talked to him about it and told him the bullies shouldn't stop him being good or kind. He's always been a very kind-hearted little boy."

Shortly afterwards, she and Jake were in Tesco when the youngster spotted some Christmas selection boxes on sale.

"He asked if he could buy them for all children who were poorly in hospital at Christmas because that would be kind," said Jesscia.


"Then, on the way out, he spotted the Food Bank collection trolley and asked if he could buy selection boxes for the children who didn't get enough to eat too.

"I told him it was a lovely idea, but we didn't have enough money to buy all those selection boxes."

Determined Jake came up with an answer though - and promptly donated the £20 birthday money he received on his sixth birthday last month.

Since then more people have got to know of his selection box campaign and the collection has grown to £85 through donations from wellwishers.

"He now wants to get it up to £200 so he can buy £200 worth of selection boxes! He plans to give half to the children in MK hospital and half to the Food Bank," said Jessica.

Anybody who wants to help little Jake's campaign can email Jessica on [email protected]