Social housing in Milton Keynes to get hyperfast broadband roll-out

Council bosses has teamed up with a broadband firm to roll out hyperfast services to more than 4,500 properties in its social housing portfolio.

Thursday, 3rd October 2019, 2:28 pm

Hyperoptic, the fastest residential broadband provider in the UK, will be installing fibre directly into a property, enabling broadband speeds 18 times faster than the national average.

The social housing sector is a strategic priority for Hyperoptic and it's already working with 50 councils across the UK and over 160,000 social housing properties have access to full fibre network.

Hyperoptic’s roll-out in Milton Keynes is due to start imminently, with Ninth, Tenth and Silbury Boulevard scheduled to be the first buildings to go live.

Councillor Nigel Long, cabinet member for housing and regeneration, said: “This new partnership will open doors for our residents to thrive.

"It will improve access to training and give people the means to apply for jobs and so much more. I’d like to thank council colleagues and partners for their work in delivering this.”

David Walker, head of property at Hyperoptic, said: “It’s incredibly positive that the public sector is taking such a proactive role in fulfilling the vision of a full fibre UK and bridging the digital divide. The issues that typically compound digital exclusion are the provision and quality of broadband services.

"Having access to a connection over full fibre approach gives social housing residents the best Internet experience they could possibly have so that they can take advantage of everything that the Internet has to offer. This, in turn, addresses the digital divide dilemma as well as feeds into the desirable social mobility paradigm.”