Spectacular sunset pictures capture the night that Milton Keynes turned orange and pink

Last night’s sunset over MK had many people running for their cameras to capture photographs of the stunning colours.

The spectacular pink and orange sunset bathed skies in the most amazing light, which proved to be a photographers’ dream.

“The sky colour is just bonkers! was the verdict off Milton Keynes professional photographer Gill Prince said as she displayed her picture on the Photography in Milton Keynes Facebook page.

Another person said: “Amazing sunset - I think the clouds are full of sand.”

Reader Vivienne Harman took this stunning photograph in MK

The sunset started with a pink glow then turned into a bright orange that change the colour of the entire city.

It followed the hottest day of the year on Friday and then the day of rain on Saturday.

It also came shortly before the summer solstice, which is tomorrow (Tuesday). This is the longest day of the year and the beginning of the astronomical summer in the northern hemisphere.

Photographer Gill Prince described the sky colour as 'bonkers'
Michael Farmer took this impressive shot