Spring clean of Central Milton Keynes reveals 800 used needles and 10,000 litres of rubbish

A spring clean is being carried out at the city centre to prepare it for re-opening next month.

Thursday, 25th March 2021, 2:24 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th March 2021, 4:54 pm

The landscaping team from MyMiltonKeynes is busy revitalising the areas around Xscape centre:mk and Midsummer Boulevard in preparation for the return of employees, shoppers, and visitors.

They are clearing rubbish, pruning bushes and removing dangerous waste.

So far they have removed almost 800 dangerous used needles from drug syringes and 10,000 litres of rubbish, said a spokesman.

CMK will be spick and span when it re-opens

The team has also been working on a revitalisation project to bring Midsummer Boulevard back to its original hi-gloss look, by repainting the street furniture black, cleaning up the signage and weeding and clearing the landscaped areas.

MyMiltonKeynes is part of the MK Business Improvement District (BID), and they launched the CMK Spring Clean project in partnership with Milton Keynes Council.

Ongoing landscaping work around the Fred Roche Gardens has continued too, with assistance from Milton Keynes Green Gym and the Fred Roche Foundation. This work will improving and maintaining the gardens for the local community to enjoy this spring/summer.

Melanie Beck MBE, Chair of MyMiltonKeynes said: “We are committed to making continuous improvements to the city centre and want to make it as safe and inviting as possible for all employees, residents and visitors to enjoy as Central Milton Keynes begins to reopen over the coming weeks."

Work in progress

She added: “I’m really proud of the MyMiltonKeynes team for the fantastic work that they continue to achieve, whilst lockdown stopped a lot of the regular activity that would be taking place in CMK, we have made the best possible use of the quieter period and have been able to make a significant difference as a result.”

Visit www.mymiltonkeynes.co.uk for further information.