Supermarket or customers to blame for dumped trolleys in Milton Keynes?

A council is blaming Sainsbury’s supermarkets for the growing problem of dumped trolleys in her ward and calling upon them to  ‘up their game’ .

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 5:30 pm
Dumped trolleys

Cllr Zoe Nolan says she regularly finds trolleys from Sainsbury at Shenley Church End dumped in nearby streets and parks, particularly Louhgton’s Millennium Meadow.

She said: “Most people leave their trolley back in the trolley park after use but some are not returning their trolleys after doing their shopping.”

But Cllr Nolan, who is Cabinet member for Children and Families, said the responsibility to solve the problem lies with the supermarket rather than the trolley nabbers.

Dumped trolleys

She said: “I want to see the supermarkets like Sainsbury’s taking action to ensure trolleys are tracked and any removed from the supermarket area being quickly identified and picked up.

“We have a number of places where residents suffer repeat problems with dumped trolleys.”

She added: “Supermarkets need to up their game. They need to keep track of their trolleys and take action to stop them being dumped. Where they are removed from the supermarket area the company has a responsibility to locate and collect dumped trolleys quickly. They must stop passing this responsibility on to the local community. That is not fair.”

Some shoppers have disagreed, saying the responsibility lies with customers to return trolleys.

“It’s a little unfair to blame the supermarket when the customer has taken a trolley and thoughtlessly abandoned it somewhere,” said one.

The Citizen approached Sainsbury’s for a comment but is still awaiting a reply.