Teen vandal in Facebook apology after CCTV video caught him daubing graffiti all over historic Milton Keynes town

The daubings
The daubings

A 16-year-old vandal has spent this week shamefully scrubbing off graffiti he sprayed all over his historic town.

The guilty teen was caught red-handed on CCTV spraying his daubs all over doors, lamposts and walls in Stony Stratford.

The message of apology from the offender on Facebook

The message of apology from the offender on Facebook

He was outed by a member of his own family after the owner of the CCTV published the photos on Facebook.

It prompted the boy to publicly apologise to everyone in the town - and pledge to remove the offending graffiti.

He posted on Sunday: "I have recently been caught on CCTV vandalising some property in Stony Stratford and for that I want to apologise. I do not know what I was thinking or why I did it.

The boy added: "I will be cleaning off the graffiti and I will n ot be doing it ever again. I am genuinely sorry."

He then found out for himself just how difficult it is to find the specialist materials to remove spray paint, as he later posted: "I've been out and looked for materials to remove the paint but die to it being a Sunday I cannot get materials right now. I will go and get them first thing tomorrow and sort this out."

By Tuesday all the graffiti had been scrubbed off. The householder who had published the CCTV photos announced: "He was outed by someone in his own family. He's been publicly named and shamed - probably a harsher outcome than anything the police will do."

Residents on social media have now nicknamed the teen 'W*nksy'.

One wrote: "Good lad. You are sorting out your youthful mistakes and putting it back to how it was before it was vandalised."

Another suggested: "You may wish to volunteer at York House or some other good place to compensate for those you have hurt and distressed by your actions and learn from your mistakes."

But others were less tolerant and are demanding the police be involved to punish the boy further.

Town councillor Cliff Brett told him: "Vandalism is a serious offence with punishment up to 10 years imprisonment."

The strange signs and symbols appeared in white paint had appeared overnight throughout Stony four weeks ago and were particularly concentrated in the High Street area

At the time Alderman Paul Bartlett, a former MK councillor for the town, said residents were horrified.

"It is simply awful. We take a great deal of pride in our historic town and whoever is responsible needs to reflect upon what they have done," he said.